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Meet DJ Grant Fisher

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Grant Fisher is quickly becoming one of today’s most nationally recognized & in demand DJ/Remixers/Producers. 


Headlining top broadway bars, pool parties, & nightclubs, this cutting-edge performer has earned a reputation for igniting the jam-packed rooms he plays in.


Although his rise in the DJ ranks began in the clubs of Nashville, Grant's sound is anything but country. His music is inspired by his passion for global sounds including EDM, pop, rock, house, trap, & hip-hop. 


Grant can be found performing at this year’s Hangout Fest, the Indy 500, Bama Slam, & sharing the stage with Nelly. Grant is expanding to the National stage with the release of his debut EP, Stardust, out later this year. 


Grant Fisher’s desire to create a next-level energetic atmosphere makes him the perfect addition to any club, party, concert, or festival.

What Music Industry Insiders Are Saying . . .

“Grant is one of the hardest working DJs I know. He’s a great promoter, and is a true professional. Perfect addition to any club, party, or event!”
— DJ Silver

"Those who know DJ Grant Fisher already know what a badass DJ he is! What you may not know is what a gifted musical genius he is. As a producer, artist and writer myself, I have had the privilege of witnessing his gifts firsthand. Can’t wait to see what’s next!"

—Tim Miner, award-winning songwriter

"The energy Grant brings into a room is something I haven’t ever experienced with another DJ or entertainer. His intuition is dead on and he always knows what the room and the dance floor needs — it’s unbelievable to experience! I have always had so much respect for Grant as an artist/musician/songwriter in the Nashville music scene, and it’s no surprise to me that his talent has also led him to be a nationally recognized and in demand DJ. I’m a huge fan and supporter!
—Jamie Floyd, Grammy-nominated songwriter

“It’s been remarkable watching DJ Grant Fisher‘s growth since we began working together in 2017. His work ethic, focus and desire to create a next-level energetic atmosphere have proven to be a winning combination in Nashville‘s thriving electronic music scene.”
—Ward Guenther, Founder, Whiskey Jam

Grant Fisher has not only become one of the best Dj’s if not the best dj in nashville, but has also become one of the best entertainers in that line of music. His energy behind the turn tables ignite the rooms he plays in."

—Chase Irwin, Host, "Uncut Experience" Podcast

"Grant is a great DJ and a friend. His musical skills, utilizing old school hip hop, rock and roll and the latest hot tracks and beats is uncanny. A lot of DJs go for the easy, low hangin' fruit, but Grant always slips in the beats that fits the mood and the room!"

—Ross Schilling, Music Manager

"Grant is someone whose music and live set elevates the mood of the night to the next level. Whether it be a small club or sold out festival you know you are going to have the time of your life."
—Racquel Goldy, Host, "Millennial Girls" Podcast

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